To understand the difference between these two it is first crucial to clarify the interpretation of Yoga exercise and Reflection.

Yoga exercise is an alternative system developed by the ancients to supply human beings an opportunity to break out of this 'matrix' of impression that is the noticeable world around us. This science is hundreds of years old and also is not limited to just Asanas as is the common belief.

Nonetheless 'Yoga exercise' today can suggest either Hatha Yoga (Mastery over body ~ Asanas) or Raja Yoga (Mastery over mind ~ Reflection). All kinds of Yoga that concentrate on physical asanas are derivatives of Hatha Yoga with various trademark name (Whether Jivamukti, Ashtanga of Mysore or Sivananda). Furthermore most forms of reflection can be specified under the purview of Raja Yoga where the best objective is Samadhi.

The earliest well-known texts that in fact record the range of physical asanas are Hatha Yoga exercise Pradipika or Gheranda Samhita. These are middle ages texts written in between 15th as well as 17th Century. The earliest well-known message on the Raja Yoga viewpoint is Yoga Sutras of Patanjali which at least is 2500 years old and according to some scholars perhaps even over 5000 years old. So it holds extra gravitas and also authority as the initial source for Yoga exercise.

Patanjali specified Raja Yoga under the tenets of eight principles which became called the Ashtanga Yoga Exercise Viewpoint (Absolutely Nothing to do with the trademark name 'Ashtanga Yoga' of Mysore which is a method of Hatha Yoga Asanas in a set series). In this philosophy prior to the professional can even begin the method of Asana or Pranayama, he/she must cleanse through the very first two methods of Yamas (morals) and Niyamas (ethics).

After cleansing via moral restrictions and moral observations the third stage of Asana siddhi is begun. Patanjali has devoted just one sutra to this phase as complies with ~ Sthira Sukham Asanam (Stable and also Comfortable Posture). Because just in being still can the body carry on to the greater practices of Raja Yoga exercise.

Consequently all Hatha Yoga exercise Practices goal to help us attain this set ability to rest still and practice meditation. The objective of asanas was never ever to help us secure from diabetes mellitus or heart diseases, they simply intended to offer us the most effective possible health so we can seek our spiritual practices. Completion objective of Hatha Yoga is Raja Yoga and the end goal of Raja Yoga exercise is Samadhi.

So there is no difference in between Yoga and Meditation. They are both a part of the procedure that is planned in the direction of the utmost objective of 'Enlightenment'. There is no yoga without reflection, there is no meditation without yoga exercise.